jueves, 10 de abril de 2008

Entrevista al Dalai Lama

Interesante entrevista al Dalai Lama en exclusiva para Newsweek sobre la situación en Tibet y sus relaciones con China. Puedes verla PINCHANDO AQUI
Copio la interesante respuesta a la última pregunta:
Some images of the recent casualties have been graphic and disturbing. Have you seen them? What was your reaction? We heard you wept.
Yes, I cried once. One advantage of belonging to the Tibetan Buddhist culture is that at the intellectual level there is a lot of turmoil, a lot of anxiety and worries, but at the deeper, emotional level there is calm. Every night in my Buddhist practice I give and take. I take in Chinese suspicion. I give back trust and compassion. I take their negative feeling and give them positive feeling. I do that every day. This practice helps tremendously in keeping the emotional level stable and steady. So during the last few days, despite a lot of worries and anxiety, there is no disturbance in my sleep. [Laughs]

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